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2月15日,粵桂樓誠邀大家共享一趟美酒佳餚之旅!來自法國的知名品酒師 Roy Khoo 將為大家介紹不同種類的名酒,包括Nicolas Holy Savennieres lesVieux Clos 2013及Moreau Chablis!配合粵桂樓一系列的養生菜式,將這個時令fusion餐單的精髓推至極點!名額只限50位,截止日期為2月14日晚上6時正。馬上致電粵桂樓訂座,萬勿錯過這個高品質之夜!

Yuet Kwai Restaurant is inviting 50 guests to join our private event on 15th February for an exclusive fusion menu of Chinese and health. Each course will come with wine pairing including Nicolas Holy Savennieres lesVieux Clos 2013 and Moreau Chablis! Roy Khoo, a wine writer of MRRM and Wine Mag in China and Sommelier and Consultant of a French wine bar will share his selections for wine for the occasion. Do not miss out this tasty and fun dinner. 
Please RSVP for the event and 14th February 6pm will be our last call. See you there!

Reservations : +852 22640112

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著名品酒師 Roy Khoo

著名品酒師與大家一起品嘗粵桂樓的美酒佳餚!紅酒專欄作家 Roy Khoo 出走歐洲多國 , 走遍多個星級酒莊 , 由收成葡萄到釀造葡萄都「走在腳下,盡收眼底」 , 就讓ROY 跟我們大家分享一下。
Join our food and wine pairing dinner at Fover with the famous sommelier, Roy Khoo!


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